– LIFECAST ALGINATE regular set (white, non flavoured)
– LIFECAST ALGINATE fast set (pink, non flavoured)


LifeCast ALGINATE is an alginate-based material to be mixed with water, indicated for the fabrication of molds (molds) of objects and parts of human body. In the application phase has a creamy and fluffy texture, it spreads easily and reproduces every detail perfectly. It it characterized by a good thixotropy, so that the dough easily flows during application but does not drip.

LifeCast ALGINATE has good elasticity, which facilitates the removal of tough operating conditions (presence of moderate undercuts).

LifeCast ALGINATE is formulated using natural polymers and undergoes a dust-free treatment of type; it follows a product whose use is particularly safe, which does not generate dust, completely non-toxic and easy to use.

The molds obtained with LifeCast ALGINATE can be filled (poured) with various materials such as gypsum from casting, waxes, resins, casting resins in aqueous base, silicones.

Depending on the size of the mold to achieve and the operator’s manual, LifeCast ALGINATE is available in two versions, FAST REGULAR SET and SET with different workability and hardening times.

Packaging: 400 kg bigbag, 8 kg plastic drum, 453 g bag.

Please contact us for further details. Customization are available for colours, working time, package.